Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh, Ouch!

Wow, I can't believe this. I couldn't telnet into BTOB my IRC Channel bot today, so I did the routine launchmodem in my favorite web browser and lo and behold, the static IP addy I finally managed to get assigned had disappeared.

I put in yet another call to ATT DSL tech support and got Gloria on the line, who said what she got by pinging my modem was not the same as what was assigned to my account. 1 point for ATT today. She also switched me to billing so I could get a few issues worked out.. Thanks Greg, you did a great job. Can I mention you are a MAC guy looking at linux?

I currently on the phone with Jeffrie at the DSL tech support center again, and he seems to have the issue well under hand..........

Oops, my cell phone dopped the call, Jeffrie didn't call me back, so I called the 'secret' number for DSL back.

I got another gal who was entirely hard to understand, and I won't mention having to explain the whole routine to her several times so that she understood what the problem was. I'm now hoping we can get this whole mess resolved today.. Please God, today...

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