Thursday, January 1, 2009

Busy is as Busy does

I've been so busy lately. I've taken over IT admin responsibilities for PCLinuxOS and was deeply engrossed in a move from one server to another. It was a tremendous learning experience, and I'm grateful for the opportunity.

I am now also involved in the rebasing of the BEL SBK server edition. Going from SBK 1-5 (based on PCLinuxOS 2007) to the next series of BEL server editions (based on PCLinuxOS 2009, soon to be released) is another welcomed challenge. Seems like I'm growing up in the IT admin department a bit.

I'm also modding on the PCLOS forums, and have my nose stuck in just about all places possible where it comes to PCLOS, so it does keep me busy.

I haven't taken much time out for photography lately, but I did get the opportunity to go see a portion of Ocean Dance 2008 on Hollywood beach last night.. Choosing just one photo for this post will be nothing easy, but here it is.. Enjoy!