Friday, December 12, 2008


Does anyone remember the little hatching peep I had some posts back? It was from a baby songbird that I was tinkering with on my pclinuxos install. It wasn't available in the repositories at that time if I recall correctly.. But that was many moons ago, and a whole lot of linux water has passed under the bridge. Songbird is currently playing some tunes on the other pc as I type this from my main box.

Since that time I've learned a lot of command line, something of a necessity if you're going to do any IT admin work at all.. I've even found it to be quite fun (the cli or command line stuff, that is). Anyway, I'm now running webservers, rpm repositories for BEL (Business Edition Linux), found at and helping the devs out at as well.

Getting back to Songbird.. I thought I'd throw a copy of my ZEN Mini install up so you can see how much Songbird has grown in the last year (or less). Also just a thought here.. You can find the ZEN Mini (Based on Texstar's Minime 2008) at ... Just incase you want to try out this great lil' distro too...

Ain't it purdy???

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Some final tweaks are helpful

I've had to tweak the D80 a bit to work 'with me' and here are some of the results.. I love the way it handles..