Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time Flies

Danged how time flies when you've had your head buried in projects. Now I need to learn how to use my time more effectively, since we never know how much we have left.

Hep C has left me in less than desirable condition a good part of the time, so I'm backing off of all the stress related projects I've been involved with. Still have to get up and go to work on a daily basis, but that's enough stress for one person. I've got to spend a bit more time in rest and relax mode so I can concentrate on getting somewhat healthier in the event I no longer have a job.

Oh yeah, no one is immune to losing a job, not even gov'ment workers. While the Federal Gov'ment is getting bigger at our expense, local and state governments are having to cut back to make ends meet. Sometimes it even means some of us get a pink slip as a means to the end. Why don't they just start cutting back at the top? Less programs to hand out dole, less money for the lobbyists, representatives, and government agencies to spend. Anyone take a look at that TARP thing? How many new buildings do they need in Washington DC?

I've been reading a book by Glenn Beck. He's put it straight out there for anyone to read if they are interested. Brought up some facts I was not even aware of. Of course I haven't been spending much time looking either. I've had to spend so much time working just to make ends meet. I work to give my money away to others for the 'job well done' they've done.

I recently went to visit the dentist. Not one of my more pleasant experiences in life. Never has been if I tell the truth. I can't understand why the dentist thinks less than 40 hours of her time is worth a forth (1/4, 25 percent, 520 hours) of my time. What makes her so much more valuable than me? Who set up these rules anyway? We are all providing some service to keep the community going. I provide a service that helps people exercise their Consititutional Rights, and she keeps me smiling bright.

Well, on a bright note here, I wanted to let you know I've discovered another artist that's worth the time to listen to. I've always loved David Arkenstone, Chris Spheeris, and of course any flamenco or gypsy musicians I could get my ears wrapped around. Along the lines of Instrumental or New Age music I've discovered Medwyn Goodall. Great chap from the UK that is exceptionally talented and versed in more musical instruments I could count on both hands and feet. Think I'll just add a link here to something of his from YouTube and let you listen for yourself.

Happy Listening!!