Saturday, July 26, 2008

Oh, Ouch!

Wow, I can't believe this. I couldn't telnet into BTOB my IRC Channel bot today, so I did the routine launchmodem in my favorite web browser and lo and behold, the static IP addy I finally managed to get assigned had disappeared.

I put in yet another call to ATT DSL tech support and got Gloria on the line, who said what she got by pinging my modem was not the same as what was assigned to my account. 1 point for ATT today. She also switched me to billing so I could get a few issues worked out.. Thanks Greg, you did a great job. Can I mention you are a MAC guy looking at linux?

I currently on the phone with Jeffrie at the DSL tech support center again, and he seems to have the issue well under hand..........

Oops, my cell phone dopped the call, Jeffrie didn't call me back, so I called the 'secret' number for DSL back.

I got another gal who was entirely hard to understand, and I won't mention having to explain the whole routine to her several times so that she understood what the problem was. I'm now hoping we can get this whole mess resolved today.. Please God, today...

Saturday, July 19, 2008


I can't believe it. I have my 'old' static IP address back.. Will wonders ever cease??

Now, I still have to get all those minutes back, and see about my 'free' month for all the stress and aggravation those peeps put me through..

Just remember... stick with it long enough and eventually something will happen..

Two weeks and counting

You realize it's been two weeks and counting since I started the 'great' adventure with AT & T. I had to call them back yesterday and remind them to shut off the phone service at the old address. Seems like they had shut off the DSL (that's one department) but hadn't turned off the phone service (that's another department).. Why didn't I think of that one???

I also finally got my static IP address, however that was also another call just to talk to tech support and some 3rd level up supervisor who's going to try to get my old one back.. (Remember this was a 2.5 mile move, but I'm now on a new server..)

Today I have two chores. Call AT & T and demand a month of service free for all the phone calls and hours I've wasted getting my service correct, and going to the AT & T to dispute the 6 + hours of service calls to AT & T on my AT & T cell phone. I WANT MY MINUTES BACK!!!

Maybe I can write one day and say... Yup, it's finally a done deal. But until that time, I'll just keep ya'll updated.

I would have switched to some other company if I didn't need the same static IP address that I had at the old location, but If it comes down to not being able to get it, I'm going to find someone else to provide me service... This really has been rediculously rediculous.

I sure hope the president/CEO/head guy in charge of AT & T reads my blog!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

On and On goes the Frustration (updated)

To think I had to completely wipe a good Minime 2008 install off of a laptop, just to get XP loaded on there so I could finalize my account registration with ATT. Can you imagine? One plus hours to install XP on an older laptop, so I could get out another CD from the phone company so I could set up a connection so I could tell them who I was.

I will be glad when this is all over and done with. I will load Minime 2008 back onto the little machine in less that 15 minutes. That includes copying over the data files I had move to USB flash prior to the Windows wipeout.

Just goes to show what one monopolizing company will do to scratch the back of another.

Bell South, you sold us down the river when you sold out to ATT.


I managed to get my ATT/Bell South registration completed. Only took several hours (more than 3), a wipeout of a perfectly good linux install, a waste of more hours installing the 'minimally required software' (i.e., Windoze XP), the Bell South Installation CD stuff, and one last phone call yet to be made to get my static IP addy back. (I need it because I do host webpages and one of those IRC Bot thingies. All this just to associate my new phone number with my old USER ID and password.

Can life be any more controlled than that? I should have charged them for the use of my hours changing my entire lifestyle just to get services I am paying for.

Just something to think about!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Continuing with Frustration

Okay, I managed to get through to tech support so I could register my new DSL line. Seems like it isn't going to happen until I get someone over here with a laptop or computer with Windows installed on it. Now that just doesn't seem right. Why should I have to have Windows on my computer(s) in order to finalize registration of my DSL account. Over 70% of world wide servers use Unix/Linux, yet ATT is telling me that without Windows on my home computers, I cannot finish registering my account, or get my static IP address moved to the new number?

Why is everyone so dependent on that monopolizing enterprise? Isn't there any freedom any more? Those of us who do enjoy our freedom to compute via any OS (Operating System) that we choose, or any viable alternative to Microsoft are being punished for doing it.

Hours and hours of my time were wasted today only to find out I just can't get there from here if I don't have Windows.

Sickening. Absolutely Sickening...

And I still have to pay for this service??

Totally Frustrating

I just went through one of the most frustrating experiences with ATT that I've ever encountered with any service.

I moved a mere 2.6 miles north of my previous location and had to move my DSL service along with me. I called in to make the request, and had to be 'served' by three different departments to get the job done. Disconnect old service (one department), request new service (second department), and request Static IP address be retained (third department). That took 60 of my 'anytime' minutes on my cell phone that I also get from ATT.

The service was supposed to be connected on Wednesday, but when I arrived home there was a card on the door of my apartment saying they couldn't complete the order because they didn't know which line was mine without accessing the jack on the inside of the apartment. To top that off, they let a $100 modem sitting on my doorstep which I told the gal in department #2 I didn't need since I already had one. (I'm just moving my service, obviously I have a modem!!)

So, now a second 50+ minute call to ATT where I reach the 'wrong' department and the guy is so apologetic about not having the answers that instead of telling me to call the 'service' department, he puts me on hold various times while he tried to figure out which department CAN help me. Okay, I've used up 2 hours of my 'anytime' minutes (out of 450) and at least I have some assurance that someone will come out to connect my line between 8am and 12 noon on Saturday.

I wait at home and shortly after 12 noon on Saturday I'm outside with the dogs when an ATT van stops to ask me where such and such an address is. (Hurray!!! That's me!!!) I escort him into the apartment, show him the jack(s) and tell him which one I WANT to use because all of my computer gear is set up there. (He checked everyone of them no less). Out the door we go and follow the line up the wall and around the building to the box. It was the sound his little gismo made that told him which one to hook up.

Back inside to turn on the modem, and Voila, I had DSL running like a champ. I fired up the laptop with PCLinuxOS, hooked up to my modem in less than 2 minutes and was cruising the net.
He looked at my laptop and the ease with which I connected to the net and asked "That's Linux??" with such amazement. (And the techs on the phone couldn't understand why I didn't need help setting up my DSL, DOH??)

Okay, I'm happy, the tech who hooked up my DSL line is happy (I sent him away with a shiney CD with PCLinuxOS Minime 2008 on it. Now to call the tech line back and asked them to please move my static IP addy to the new line. (This should be a riot!!!)

Something to think about: Why do I pay so much for inept service when I have to provide top notch service or lose my job???

Friday, July 4, 2008

In Case You are Wondering

Those photos on the slide show are all mine. I've had a Nikon D70s for some time, and occasionally I feel inspired to go out and 'shoot' something. I haven't been too inspired as of late since elections has me working over time, I'm in the process of moving, and a few other not so important things keep me busy. But, with the new move to Hollywood, FL, I'm sure I will get reinspired shortly... At least that's what I'm hoping for anyway.

P.S. Happy Independence Day!!!