Saturday, July 19, 2008

Two weeks and counting

You realize it's been two weeks and counting since I started the 'great' adventure with AT & T. I had to call them back yesterday and remind them to shut off the phone service at the old address. Seems like they had shut off the DSL (that's one department) but hadn't turned off the phone service (that's another department).. Why didn't I think of that one???

I also finally got my static IP address, however that was also another call just to talk to tech support and some 3rd level up supervisor who's going to try to get my old one back.. (Remember this was a 2.5 mile move, but I'm now on a new server..)

Today I have two chores. Call AT & T and demand a month of service free for all the phone calls and hours I've wasted getting my service correct, and going to the AT & T to dispute the 6 + hours of service calls to AT & T on my AT & T cell phone. I WANT MY MINUTES BACK!!!

Maybe I can write one day and say... Yup, it's finally a done deal. But until that time, I'll just keep ya'll updated.

I would have switched to some other company if I didn't need the same static IP address that I had at the old location, but If it comes down to not being able to get it, I'm going to find someone else to provide me service... This really has been rediculously rediculous.

I sure hope the president/CEO/head guy in charge of AT & T reads my blog!!

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