Saturday, July 12, 2008

Continuing with Frustration

Okay, I managed to get through to tech support so I could register my new DSL line. Seems like it isn't going to happen until I get someone over here with a laptop or computer with Windows installed on it. Now that just doesn't seem right. Why should I have to have Windows on my computer(s) in order to finalize registration of my DSL account. Over 70% of world wide servers use Unix/Linux, yet ATT is telling me that without Windows on my home computers, I cannot finish registering my account, or get my static IP address moved to the new number?

Why is everyone so dependent on that monopolizing enterprise? Isn't there any freedom any more? Those of us who do enjoy our freedom to compute via any OS (Operating System) that we choose, or any viable alternative to Microsoft are being punished for doing it.

Hours and hours of my time were wasted today only to find out I just can't get there from here if I don't have Windows.

Sickening. Absolutely Sickening...

And I still have to pay for this service??

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