Saturday, July 12, 2008

Totally Frustrating

I just went through one of the most frustrating experiences with ATT that I've ever encountered with any service.

I moved a mere 2.6 miles north of my previous location and had to move my DSL service along with me. I called in to make the request, and had to be 'served' by three different departments to get the job done. Disconnect old service (one department), request new service (second department), and request Static IP address be retained (third department). That took 60 of my 'anytime' minutes on my cell phone that I also get from ATT.

The service was supposed to be connected on Wednesday, but when I arrived home there was a card on the door of my apartment saying they couldn't complete the order because they didn't know which line was mine without accessing the jack on the inside of the apartment. To top that off, they let a $100 modem sitting on my doorstep which I told the gal in department #2 I didn't need since I already had one. (I'm just moving my service, obviously I have a modem!!)

So, now a second 50+ minute call to ATT where I reach the 'wrong' department and the guy is so apologetic about not having the answers that instead of telling me to call the 'service' department, he puts me on hold various times while he tried to figure out which department CAN help me. Okay, I've used up 2 hours of my 'anytime' minutes (out of 450) and at least I have some assurance that someone will come out to connect my line between 8am and 12 noon on Saturday.

I wait at home and shortly after 12 noon on Saturday I'm outside with the dogs when an ATT van stops to ask me where such and such an address is. (Hurray!!! That's me!!!) I escort him into the apartment, show him the jack(s) and tell him which one I WANT to use because all of my computer gear is set up there. (He checked everyone of them no less). Out the door we go and follow the line up the wall and around the building to the box. It was the sound his little gismo made that told him which one to hook up.

Back inside to turn on the modem, and Voila, I had DSL running like a champ. I fired up the laptop with PCLinuxOS, hooked up to my modem in less than 2 minutes and was cruising the net.
He looked at my laptop and the ease with which I connected to the net and asked "That's Linux??" with such amazement. (And the techs on the phone couldn't understand why I didn't need help setting up my DSL, DOH??)

Okay, I'm happy, the tech who hooked up my DSL line is happy (I sent him away with a shiney CD with PCLinuxOS Minime 2008 on it. Now to call the tech line back and asked them to please move my static IP addy to the new line. (This should be a riot!!!)

Something to think about: Why do I pay so much for inept service when I have to provide top notch service or lose my job???

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