Monday, August 4, 2008

I take exception to the BBC

I'm slow at getting around to the news, mostly because I hate reading it. However, I was going through the morning ritual of seeing what updates could be found on Hep C (as I have it), and ran across the following article in the BBC online site:

What bothers me is not that they reported on the fact Natalie Cole has Hep C and has responded to treatment, but the last 2 lines of the article. It's a very seedy slant on the way Hep C is acquired. They never listed blood transfusions, dentist's offices, or even the Jet Gun used by the military to immunize the troops.

Why not report that 11% of Military Vets have Hep C, compared to a national average of only 5% ?

Maybe truth is not what the BBC is looking for, but sales. In the meantime they have not done the rest of us Hep C recipients any great favors. Now we all look like a bunch of drug using idiots!!

I'll post their response to my complaint, if and when it rolls into my email box.

Just something else to think about.

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